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The Designer Program

Good Kitchen Design Doesn’t Happen by Accident…


A well-designed kitchen reflects both beauty and functionality. It inspires the senses and clearly reveals a creative vision on the part of a designer producing a wonderful working space.


The kitchen is the Heart of the Home. It is for this reason that we place such importance on the correct appliance selections. Appliances should be selected before design layouts and cabinet selections are made. Entertaining --preparing and preserving food -- is what the kitchen is all about. So, we love to think about the appliances as a means of accomplishing these elements with optimum function and form.


We like to think about our kitchens as having timeless appeal, but we are also conscious of the importance of fashion trends which change frequently and appeal to the millennial new home buyer. Kitchen appliances for the new home buyer must address IOT (Internet of Things) providing the network of devices to connect and exchange data.


Our focus is to stay connected with our designers and to make sure they are awarded for their efforts. Designers grace all of us with the vision of what can be, as they pull together all the pieces of the puzzle and eliminate the uncertainty of what the finished product will look like. Designers make the magic happen every day.


We are most grateful for the support of the design community. Our ongoing education program for designers coupled with in-store training are a part of our designer program. Our Marketing Director (Kim Stewart) works closely with designers to answer questions and solve problems. Kim serves as a single point of contact to coordinate the efforts of designers, builders, home owners, and manufacturers.