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Our Differences

As an Appliance Builder Distributor, our focus is to meet the needs of our Builders and Remodelers. We also maintain a very close relationship with Interior and Kitchen and Bath Designers.
Our Builders rely on The Appliance Center for: on-time deliveries and long term, low builder price stability
Our Builder Packages offer extra discounts, as well as other incentives.
Our Designers appreciate the exceptional product assortment (the most extensive in the area).
We offer the benefit of mixing appliance brands to enable Home Owners the ability to take advantage of the best product offerings from a wide variety of manufacturers, while maintaining a beautiful blend and harmony of design.
If you are building or remodeling, The Appliance Center should be on your list as the best source for appliances because of our specialized attention to everything about appliances.
Our selection distinguishes us as THE APPLIANCE STORE!